We’re different, by design.

We’re a product development and regulatory agency with an obsession with saving our clients time, effort, money and headaches.

HPS was founded in 2014 by Simone Abaron, and quickly became one of Australia’s most well respected and trusted product development and regulatory consultancy agency. With a focus on remaining accommodating to clients’ needs,  The Specialists have become trusted advisors and partners for brand marketers, contract manufacturers and raw material suppliers alike, in Australia and globally.

The Specialists have several decades of experience in the complementary medicine, functional food and cosmetics industries, and are proud to have been an instrumental part of the launch of thousands of iconic supplements for some of the world’s best brands; expertly and diligently guiding clients through the product development and regulatory affairs process, and avoiding the pitfalls and challenges which can often hinder one’s very best efforts.

Healthcare Product Specialists provide your business with innovative solutions that can take a new product concept all the way through to launch, and improve your regulatory compliance, without the huge investment in resources required to run these projects internally.

You could turn us into your competitive advantage (we wouldn’t mind!)


Having played a part in so many successful product launches, from bootstrapped start ups through to big budget brands, we truly get what you need from a product development and regulatory consultant.

Unlike some internal operations and external consultants, The Specialists pride themselves on speed-to-market. We hustle your suppliers and work with efficiency in mind, in terms of time, dollars and effort.

Mum’s the word. Discretion is one of our internal values and we go to great lengths to ensure your projects are never compromised. That’s why you won’t see us bragging about the clients we work with, despite our clients being uber brag-worthy.

The Specialists are a group of highly experienced professionals who have operated across many areas within high pressure and high paced businesses. This makes us unique in that solutions brought to you by The Specialists are always timely, commercially driven, marketable and realistic.

We don’t believe in silos. The Specialists offer a complete service, or can plug into your internal framework wherever necessary. We’re flexible, so you can remain agile and able to take opportunities that present themselves.

Our business is built on the foundations of compliance. Our team is made up of the best and most-experienced brains in the industry, to keep you on the right side of the regulators.

Without customers, we cease to exist. We don’t want that for our clients, so we have a team of consumer-centric minds to ensure that we deliver products that are both compliant AND attractive.

We share real-time project progress with our clients through our online portal, the HPS Hub. Totally-secure, you can login at any time from any place to see how we’re tracking.

We don’t believe in commissions, royalties, or kick backs. IP is transferred to the client, as are all supplier agreements. No more handcuffs!

Unlike other regulatory consultants, ‘no’ isn’t in our vocabulary. We are are driven to find the very best solutions for our clients to help bridge the gap between marketing and commercial needs and desires, and regulatory compliance.

You won’t find us regurgitating legislation; we don’t see any value in it. In actual fact, we believe that providing information in this way can mean you miss the important things. With this in mind, when we provide advice to our clients, it’s meaningful, useful and easy to understand.


I was truly grateful for the level of effort applied and it really secures how I feel about working with such professional and supportive women.

Managing Director, Australian women’s health supplement brand.

Let me reiterate my thank you to Simone and Rhiona for your kind (and never judgemental!) help throughout the process. Onwards and upwards, cannot wait to do a new one!

Senior Product Development Manager, Australia’s largest beauty retailer.


We believe in a diverse team to deliver a diverse range of healthcare products.

The Specialists are a group of highly experienced professionals who have operated across various areas within high pressure and high paced businesses in the Complementary Medicine, Functional Food and Cosmetic Industries. This makes us unique in that solutions brought to you by The Specialists are always timely, commercially driven, marketable, realistic, and compliant.