Expertise at your fingertips.

Whether you are a Brand Marketer, Contract Manufacturer, Ingredient Supplier, Practitioner or Retailer, Healthcare Product Specialists have a range of solutions to fortify your business’ operations. The Specialists can parachute in and provide you with extra resource at any stage in the product development process and throughout the life cycle of your products and brand, so you never have to experience bottlenecks again!

Choose from our Turn-key solutions, Mix & Match Solutions or Education Elements, based on the unique needs, resource and expertise of your business.

Turn-key Solutions look after the entire product development process for you, taking an idea and turning it into reality.

Our Turn-key Solutions offer a single place for everything you need for a successful product launch. This mode of execution is perfectly suited to entrepreneurs looking to launch healthcare products, or to established businesses with limited resources to support product development initiatives.

This solution brings smarter options to the table so you can spend less time managing product concept through to launch, and free up time for doing everything else!

Get your compliant and attractive product to market faster.

More time for you.

Mix & Match Solutions help you increase productivity and speed-to-market, or troubleshoot challenges that pop up.

Our Mix & Match Solutions allow you to pick and choose specific areas where you need support. If you’re experiencing bottle-necks, a strain on internal resources, simply don’t have the right type of internal resources to support your product development aspirations, or are experiencing tricky challenges during the development or life of your product, our Mix & Match Solutions are for you.

This solution offers you flexibility based on the unique needs, resources and expertise of your business. It helps you expand your resource pool immediately to get more done, faster.

Get more done, with less resources.

More flexibility for you.

Education Elements are modules of knowledge curated specifically for product development professionals.

Working in Complementary Medicines is a niche market and there are many aspects of product development, regulatory and quality assurance roles which just aren’t taught in a classroom (or a book). Industry giants and start ups alike often have team members who learnt their skills on the job, gathering their knowledge over the years, and have handed it down – good (and bad) habits included!

HPS’ Education Elements are a series of 9 modules that you can select as required to up-skill your team.

It’s education for product development.

More power to you.


With a team of 5 naturopaths and nutritionists, and a food technologist, it should come as no surprise that working on complementary medicines and functional foods is our magic zone. Equally, as lovers of beauty (inside and out), we have a deep love for functional cosmetics, with a natural twist.

We work with a variety of different product types and formats, to deliver the product of your dreams. We’re always innovating new and novel dosage forms, but here are some of the usual suspects that we work with.


Therapeutic or foods.


Film coated, uncoated, enteric coated, chews and effervescent.


Soft gel, hard shell, enteric coated, gelatin or plant based.

Creams, Pastes, Gels and Ointments

Cosmetic, cosmeceutical and therapeutic.

Liquids and Serums

Cosmetic, cosmeceutical, therapeutic and foods.

Snack Bars

Foods in blocks, bars or bites.

What will we create together?